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Our mission is to supply construction supplies from China at competitive prices and minimizing risks.

We offer a complete  and personalized solution for projects, optimizing purchases, improving quality and facilitating the management of our clients in the Spanish and English speaking market, since we have the convenience of communicating in both languages.

Our company is based on experience and trajectory. Our headquarters are located in China, for this reason we can offer an effective solution of supplies for construction, with the convenience of importing Chinese products to Panama, at competitive prices, with quality guarantees and optimal delivery times.

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Your one-stop supplier for finishes and decoration.

We are an import company located in China, Spain, and Panama that provides import negotiation and control services to companies that request safe purchases from China, standing out as one of the largest suppliers for the construction sector.


We want to give you the support you need at every stage of your project!


Our structure is based in Shenzhen (China) and a customer service sales center, with more than 500 high-quality products.


We have highly qualified personnel and a multicultural team to manage your import products at every stage of the process, offering the best quality.


We provide you with a complete solution in construction supplies from China at competitive prices, minimizing risks.


Our company is based on previous experience, infrastructure and control in China, for this reason we can offer all our clients effective and profitable solutions.


Wellview Universal Group

In 2003, Ignacio Rexach created the first company of the Group: Colors of the Universe 2003 S.L. An import company based in Spain that provides import negotiation and control services to companies that request secure purchases from China. Since our founding we have been committed to high quality standards and constant improvements.

In 2008, the base of operations was moved to Asia, creating Wellview Universal Ltd in Hong Kong. Wellview Universal China was founded in 2009 as the group’s central purchasing office. This office is in charge of minimizing risks, through strict quality controls in all our clients’ imports.

Wellview Universal operates with a Quality Management system for its services and is ISO 9001: 2008 Certified. Based in Shenzhen, our multinational team is experienced in negotiating, monitoring and controlling productions in China. We have a European Management system and highly trained staff, we are a perfect team to manage your imported products from China. We also speak English, Spanish and Chinese.

Wellview Universal Group is committed to the values ​​of Honesty, Perseverance, Integrity, Security and loyalty, which have distinguished us as a company and are the foundations of our work team.

Wellview Universal Group believes in education as a key source for the development and improvement of people’s living conditions. For this reason, we have created the Wellview Children Foundation which is a non-profit organization, which is dedicated to developing a sponsorship program to support children struggling to cover their school expenses in Longsheng County (China) www.wellviewchildrenfoundation.com

As a purchasing center in the Latin-speaking markets, we have established an international sales network, with local representatives in different countries: Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Chile, Peru and Argentina.

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We offer our clients 100% personalized advice on finishes and decoration to carry out their next project.